Braille Glove 

Device replacing hearing and voice of deafblind people

We would like to introduce you our technical solution that, we believe, will help the deafblind people to communicate. 


Device to replace hearing and voice for deafblind people, to communicate with anyone in any place with help of a Glove and a mobile phone.

How deafblind person hears 


To be able to hear a deafblind user should put on the Braille Glove and turn on a special App on his mobile phone. 


An interlocutor of the deafblind user just need to speak into the special microphone and a special program will recognize a speech and will transmit it to the Glove by silent tactile signals according to the Braille system.

How deafblind person speaks 


To answer, the user just touches his palm by his fingertips and the typed message will be quickly converted to speech which will be vocalized by his mobile phone. 


All the touches are being executed following the Braille principle just like the Perkins Keyboard used in the Braille displays.