Braille PAD

Braille PAD One — Tactile Tablet With Camera Function

The innovative tactile 8-inch Braille PAD One tablet with an integrated camera is a real breakthrough in tactile access to any form of graphic images, geographiс and navigation maps, geometric figures and diagrams with an instant tactile reproduction of photographs.

The 8-inch Braille PAD One display contains 3249 tactile pixels and can reproduct the image in the most accurate details. The device can be connected to a computer and phone via USB or Bluetooth. The intuitive interface with non-slip embossed keys allows you to confidently and accurately navigate graphic objects. 


Braille PAD One can work as a standalone solution if you insert a flash or SD card with files. The device is adapted not only for reading images, but also for text in Braille. Braille PAD One has an integrated camera that allows you to take instant tactile shots. Braille PAD One running on Linux includes the intelligent ContourTrace program that allows you to translate standard graphics into outline tactile images.

Braille Pad.png