Perkins One — Device for Сommunicating and Using the phone

Using the Perkins 6 key keyboard, a user can type and read text. The process of communication begins with typing by pressing the six main buttons. The text is entered on the principle of Braille. When the text is entered the Google speech synthesizer voices it.


The user can activate the process of the interlocutor's voice recognition and get his words in the form of vibrations on six buttons of the keyboard. Vibration is based on the Braille principle.

Using this keyboard, the user can also navigate the touch screen phone and by using the settings buttons make this process convenient and quick.


— Total device weight: 141 g (5 ounces)
— Size (in cm.): 14/6/1 (L / W / H)
— Color: black
— Charging: from the adapter (110 - 240 V) or from the battery
— Charging port: Micro USB
— Wireless charging by adapter included
— Battery — 400 mAh
— Operating time: from 6 to 8 hours on a battery charge