Haptic Technology

Haptic Technology — device for virtual reality imitation through tactile stimulation

The device is designed to expand possibilities and boundaries of communication between people in virtual reality and used for tactile receiving of information about virtual reality objects.

The devise is used to simulate contact exteroceptive, tactile sensations, arising from stimulation of receptors located in the epidermis and dermis of the skin of the palm and fingers, with using software.



The device is made in the form of a glove with on it vibrating, tangent, motor, heating and cooling elements used to stimulate receptors to mimic contact exteroceptive sensations. Imitation of contact exteroceptive sensations on skin, in this case, on the fingers and palm hands going through stimulants situated in device that are synchronized between themselves and transmit mechanical, dynamic and

thermal effects, namely vibration effects, compression, expansion, displacement, pressure, heating and