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Pre-production prototype of the Braille Glove

We want to thank you all for your support of our project “Braille Glove”. We gained a lot with your help in spreading an information about the project.

We’ve finished the constructional design works and production of a new control unit, which consists of three panels and performed not just in a text format, but at a professional level. These panels are compact and sustainable, and what is also very important, they are not expensive to manufacture.

We almost finished the design of the control unit body. Unfortunately these works could not be performed at the same time because the unit body can be realized only after the panels will be done. The 3dVision Company helps us to build up the control unit body. We are really grateful for their assistance and for giving us a big discount to their services.

The next week a textile part of the device – the Glove itself – will be ready. It will be performed of stronger textile. That will make it comfort to wear the glove during a whole day. All of the glove examples which you saw in our videos were sewn by the very sincere and professional,

Due to the great work of IT-professionals and engineers we have a nice mobile application and a Glove mobile program.

We are happy to express our gratitude to:

- Andrey Divov

- Vasily Karpenko

- Dmitry Kazakov

One the most important persons who made a huge impact into the project and whom we want to thank individually is Alexander Kaldyba. Due to his essential PR work we were able to collect all the funds. He voluntarily spent his time to spread an information about the project and he funded his own money into a project promotion in social networks in order to attract more attention and to encourage the investments.

We also want to thank the State Library for the Blind People and its representative Ksenia Tchekhovskaya, who gave us an opportunities to make a presentation of the device in the Library. And of course we express our gratitude to the Deaf-Blind Support Foundation ''Con-nection'' and to the Development Center "Technology of Opportunities". They not only invested into the project but made a personal support to the project. To get more information about the project please visit web-site:

Financial report is available here.