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“Delovoy Petersburg”. “Start-ups exchange”

In March 29, 2017 the Braille Glove was presented at the event “Start-ups exchange” organized by “Delovoy Petersburg”, the Russian business oriented newspaper. The event was visited by representatives of a big companies and business holdings, such as:

  • Maksim Levchenko, "FortGroup"

  • Alexey Fursov, President of "Eurasia Holding"

  • Vyacheslav Semenenko, Executive Partner "VIPS Group"

  • Andrey Lushnikov, Chairman of board of Directors "Best Group"

  • Maria Evnevitch, Board member of "Maxidom"

  • Michael Gavrilov, Delopment Director of Bank "Saint Petersburg"

  • Michael Rayak, Dean of the faculty "Management Methods and Technologies", ITMO University

  • Vladimir Chepurnoy, investor of the Helsinki Centre

  • Nikolay Strakh, representative of the "Internet Initiatives Development Fund"

  • Andrey Sokolov, General Director of the "St.Petersburg TechnoPark"

  • Maksim Vasyukov, Head editor of the newspaper "Delovoy Petersburg"

  • Dmitry Grozny, Executive editor of the newspaper "Delovoy Petersburg"

  • Alexander Gavryushenko, СEO of "CFD Group", business angel

  • Anna Gurevitch, Director of the investment directorate of Bank "Saint Petersburg"

  • Alexey Semenov, Development Director of the Union of Business Angels Organizations

"For the time I've been being here, on the start-ups exchange event, I've evaluated this project on 10 points for all of three times" - confessed Andrey Lushnikov, Chairman of board of Directors "Best Group". He was talking about the special voting form, where each of the investors estimes each project on three factors including "investment prospects".

The project "Braille Glove" was leading among all of the projects, based on the result of the jury voting.