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Communication device"Braille Glove"

Braille Glove is the communication device for deaf-blind people, which is possible to replace hearing and voice.

Deaf-blindness is a simultaneous impairment of hearing and vision, one of the the consequence is the absence of speech. World Health Organization estimates, that more than 7 millions fall into this category of people.

Nowadays there are no communication technologies for deafblind people in the world.

The only connection with the world is possible with the help of visual impairment specialists, books in the language of Louis Braille and Braille displays used to access the computer.

Let us draw your attention to the first device that solves the problem of communication of deaf-blind, blind people and people unable to speak. This device:

  • allows deaf-blind person to communicate with people who can see and hear

  • allows the deaf-blind and blind people to have access to a mobile phone and a computer

  • replaces a speech for individuals who have had a stroke

How it works

First of all, the Braille Glove helps people who are both deaf and blind to communicate with people who can see and hear in any situation.

You just need to start talking into the microphone located on the glove, so a deaf-blind person to be able to hear you. A special mobile application installed on the smartphone will recognize your speech and will transmit the words with noiseless signals to Glove according to the Braille principle.

It's very simple for the user to answer you with the help of the device – just start type words, touching the palm by your fingers on the Braille principle, and the typed words will instantly synthesized into speech.

Watch this expalining video.

Various companies, individuals, funds and organizations helped us at the beginning of the project development and creating of the prototype:

  • Deaf-blind Support Fund ”So-edinenie”

  • Development Center of Innovation "Technology Opportunities"

  • Private investors (via crowdfunding)

  • Private investors (directly)

The funds received were spent on:

payment for work of software development experts, purchase of materials, prototyping, manufacture of samples for testing. The Funds Flow Statement is available on the site:

Here is the short video about glove testing and prototyping sessions.

Baker & McKenzie noticed the project and offered its support. Baker & McKenzie carried out a patent investigation, prepared and filed the necessary documents for the registration of a patent in the Russian Federation and for filing an international application under the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty). The device has a patent application that includes two components: an independent device and a new Braille font input-output method.

Nowadays we focus on searching of a big and socially responsible company in cooperation with which we will more likely to succeed in the device implementation. To take part in our project means to concern and to take into account the needs and interests of one of the most vulnerable socials groups. It also means to take voluntarily a responsibility for their destiny and to impact sufficiently into development of a corporate social responsibility. Doing so we possible give an opportunity to talk, to listen to, to learn and to get a job to person who is almost socially abandoned.

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