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International Conference “Science About the Deaf-blind People"

In May 19, 2017 we presented the operation of the Braille Glove at the International Conference “Science About the Deaf-blind Peoples”. Professors of psychology, representatives of the agencies of social adaptation from all over the country, as well as the members of International Funds for support to deaf-blind people were present at the conference.

The most important topics were discussed at this remarkable conference within the speaker's sessions and round table discussions. To take part in such event is a big step forward for the project "Braille Glove"

Key topics of the conference were the following: "Diagnostics of a deaf-blind person - gene engineering"; "Modern methods of the diagnostics and treatment of a genetic diseases exemplified by Usher syndrome"; "Communication tools of deaf-blind person".

Selected speakers:

  • Tatjana Bassilova, PhD in psychology, professor, Moscow State University of Psychology and Education

  • Alexander Paltov, PhD in pedagogy, professor, Russian Academy of natural hystory

  • Denis Kuleshov, Director of non-profit organization Laboratory «Sensor-Tech» - Announcement of the upcoming observational clinical study of the patients with Usher syndrome in purpose of development and implementation of a molecular-genetic therapy

  • Andrey Demchinsky, leader of the department of medical projects of non-profit organization Laboratory «Sensor-Tech», research associate in the interbranch scientific and technical complex - Modern aspects of the diagnostics, treatment and organization of a hi-tech ophthalmic treatment for the patients with Usher syndrome

  • Marianna Ivanova, General director of "Ophthalmic" Llc. - The most prospective molecular-genetic methods and technologies of repairment of the lost visual functions

  • Bella Nissan, MD, assosiate professor, President of the Interprofessional association on sight care, fill member of the European academy of sciences, full member of the American academy of ophthalmology, full member of the International association of the instructors of contact correction of sight

  • Harry Daly, representative of the australian organization delivering services to people living with multiple disabilities Able Australia - Assistance program for deaf-blind adults in Australia

Discussion participants:

  • Natalia Gorbachevskaya, PhD in biology, lead researcher of Mental Health Research Center of Russian Academy of Medical Science

  • Galina Korzunova, PhD in psychology, senior research assistant of the Center for Neurocognitive Research “MEG – Center” on the basis of Moscow State University of Psychology and Education

  • Irina Solomatina, PhD in psychology, Deaf-Blind Support Foundation ''Con-nection''