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About our new technological solution

In September 22, 2017 we signed an agreement on membership in the international consortium "St. Petersburg Cleantech Cluster for Urban Environment."

CEO of "4Blind" Company made a presentation "The walking Crutches", which should expand the accessibility of the urban environment for people with paralysis of lower extremities. This is a batteryless technology, an alternative to a wheelchair and an expensive exoskeleton. Today, the exoskeleton requires a lithium-ion battery, which is widely used in modern energy storage systems in power systems. When creating this battery, sulfur hexafluoride, also known as electronegative gas (SF6) is being used. It is a potentially dangerous inorganic substance. Additionally, it should be taken into account that the electricity that is being charged by such a battery in our country today is not "green". The project identifies two priority areas: energy conservation and waste management.

While we can not show you the prototype solution or give detailed technical descriptions, but we were provided by our engineers with the drawings based on the studies.