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4Blind Company Was a Part of "Cross-Cultural Business Communications. Japan-Russia"

As part of the St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum a discussion "Cross-Cultural Business Communications. Japan-Russia" was held. The event was organised by ITMO Highpark. The event brought together CEO and Founder of SAMI To Japan Hiroshi Makino, CEO of Team AIBODHisato Matsuo and Head of Technosolution Kunjiti Sakaguti. Here were discussed prospects of Japanese and Russian business, possible complexities and specifics of the Japanese and Russian markets.

Project 4Blind closely related to Japan and has an extensive experience of partnerships with Japanese colleges. We shared thoughts that Japanese market for us is not only a platform for entering Asian market in the future, but it is also a reliable and great starting point, with special concerns for each stage of work, where you can get totally reliable partners and where you can create a truly high-quality product. Staying in Japan and talking with Japanese colleagues makes it clear that for fruitful work in Japan you need to learn how to work in Japanese way, to understand the unique philosophy of work here. And we hope the 4Blind team will succeed.

Thank you all for being and presented here and organizers, who were in charge of such an important and meaningful event!