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Revolution! New device Braille Pad

Revolution! We present you Braille PAD.

We have been working on this for years, we have been looking for a solution that will help blind people and make the visible world closer for them — and we succeeded.

There are photos and videos of a prototype of a unique Braille PAD device which technology allows a blind person to touch an image. The technology creates a detailed relief on a flat surface with high accuracy in almost any size, allows you to read Braille and touch the image in a relief-dots format.

For my blind friends, I will clarify that the photo shows a prototype of the device, the overall dimensions of the tactile field of which is 10 by 6 dots and made according to international standards.

Braille PAD will have a very low production cost due to the fact that it has no piezocrystal elements that have been used in Braille Displays until today. It is also worth to note a feature — the cost of the device repeatedly decreases in proportion to the increase in the size of the tactile field.

We invite you to touch the prototype at the 17th World Conference on Deaf-Blindness held in Gold Coast, Australia from 12 to 16 August 2019.

We are open to partnership with international manufacturing companies and, in general, we will be glad to any effective cooperation.

For those who are interested in technical details below are brief specifications:

— Device: Braille PAD — Production Level: TRL-4, Version: 6.3 — Material used: VisiJet Crystal Plastic — Relief field by dots: 10 in width, 8 in height — The distance between dots in the horizontal and vertical direction from the center of one dot to the center of another dot is 2.5 mm; — Diameter of a dot: 1,2 mm.; — Height of a dot is 0,8 mm.; — Distance between pins (from pin center): 1.2 mm — Speed of reproduction of a relief: 1,5 sec. — Total weight of the prototype: 140 gr. (5 ounces) — Port: Micro USB — The upcoming version 6.4: dimensions 50 by 28 pins, planned readiness is September 2019.